“Fikrati” (my idea) gives young elementary students (from Kindergarten to grade 5) the opportunity to present their innovative ideas to qualified specialists in a friendly competitive environment. The students will be evaluated based on the originality of the idea, level of innovation, feasibility of its application, expected value added and much more.
The students with the most innovative and feasible idea will receive a participation certificate and a prize. The idea behind this competition is to encourage and motivate students to present and discuss their ideas confidently in front of others and become role models to other students. The competition will also help attract the bright little students who are curious in sciences with innovative ideas and promote their personal development.


  • Announcement of Fikrati Competition


    Call for participation in the Fikrati competition Join the official Telegram channel:

  • Registration is open


    Supervisors register the student name and the idea details using the NSTI Festival Platform.

  • Registration Deadline


    The deadline for registering all the requested details.

  • Invitation to NSTI Festival Fikraity Finalists


    The qualified students will receive an invitation with certain date/time to present their ideas in front of the judging panel.

  • Ideas Pitching Main Event


    The students display their project and present to the judges only once according to the allocated time slot.

  • Awarding Ceremony


    All projects will be evaluated by specialized judges across 4 days. The winners will be announced during the awarding ceremony

Rules and Regulations

  • Ideas presented in previous NSTI Fikrati competition will be disqualified.
  • Participation is open for students from KG to grade 4 in government and private schools.
  • Students must participate in individual projects (UAE Nationals only), or in groups of 2 students (Maximum of 1 non-national per group).
  • Qualified students and supervisors must be committed to the allocated date/time of presenting.
  • The original idea must be suggested by the student, not by the teacher or the parents.

Participation Categories

  • Group 1: Kindergarten students
  • Group 2: Students in grades 1 and 2
  • Group 3: Students in grades 3 and 4

Participation Tracks

Chemical, Physical & Mathematical Sciences

This program is available for: Students

Social and Behavioural Sciences

This program is available for: Students

Biological and Ecological Sciences

This program is available for: Students


This program is available for: Students