Science Fair


The Science Fair is a platform where students can present the research outcomes of their scientific project and showcase the scientific methodology behind it. A specialized committee will evaluate the innovative scientific research projects, according to a certain criteria, to identify the winners.


  • Announcement of the Science Fair


    Invitation to participate in the Science Fair

  • Registration is open


    Register teacher information, student information, the project name and project information through the link

  • National Science Week Begins


    The Science Fair coordination team of each school will evaluate the project proposals of only one neighbouring school. As per the instructions of the cluster managers, to select the best 4 projects to represent that school in the next stage. Note: The chosen four projects must be at least from 2 different categories.

  • Project Proposal Submission Deadline


    Prepare a proposal report and presentation according to the template found on the website, to be evaluated at the National Science Week

  • Deadline to nominate the winning project at each school level


    The Science Fair Coordination team must verify the best 4 projects and mark them on the NSTI website during the School Level Science Fair.

  • Final day to submit prototyped project


    The selected students from each school will work heavily in developing their projects and preparing a progress report/presentation for the Council level. All necessary fields on the website must be filled.

  • Counsel Level Winners Announcement


    The Manager of each School Council elects a team of judges (Stream Team) to evaluate and select the top 60 projects of another School Council to reach the final screening.

  • Full Project submission deadline


    The supervisors of the qualified projects from each School Council must complete the registration process and upload all required documents to be considered for the next screening stage.

  • Invitation to NSTI Festival Science Fair Finalists


    After receiving all the required attachments, the organizing committee will select the best 200 projects and invite them to participate in the National Science, Technology and Innovation Festival

  • NSTI Bootcamps


    All invited projects will develop their final presentation and IPs for the 2019 NSTI Festival through multiple boot camps held by specialized mentors.

  • National Science Technology and Innovation Festival Display Set up


    All 200 projects attend a day before NSTI Science Fair in preparation for the display set up and presentation over the coming 4 days.

  • National Science Technology and Innovation Event


    All projects will be evaluated by specialized judges across 4 days. The winners will be announced during the closing ceremony

Rules and Regulations

  • Projects displayed in previous NSTI Science Fair or Think Science Competition are NOT allowed.
  • Participation is open for students in grades 5 to 12 in government, private, and vocational schools.
  • Students can participate in individual projects (UAE Nationals only) or group projects (two or three people per group with a Maximum of one non-UAE nationals within the group)
  • A student may only enter one project into the competition, whether they are entering as an individual or as part of a group.
  • All projects must be accompanied by a supervisor for the entire NSTI Festival.

Participation Categories

  • Category 1: Students in grades 5-8
  • Category 2: Students in grades 9-12

Participation Tracks

Chemical, Physical & Mathematical Sciences

This program is available for: Students

Social and Behavioural Sciences

This program is available for: Students

Biological and Ecological Sciences

This program is available for: Students


This program is available for: Students